Bedify is a whitelabelled property management system that Banks & Fiinancial institutions can provide to their clients as a value-added-service  It allows independent hotels and small property groups to manage and automate bookings, reservations and seamlessly connect with online-travel-agents

Solution Capabilities

Completely whitelabelled solution

Technical Support

Continuous Upgrades

Fast & Secure Hosting

Property Management System


Completely automated property management module to reduce errors and improve efficiencies

Booking Manager

A modern, simple, easy-to-use booking manager, bringing bookings from multiple sources to one dashboard

30+ Modules

With over 30+ Modules, provides a robust, end-to-end property management for all use-cases

Direct Booking System

Fast & Secure Payment Processing

Convert website visits to bookings easily

Enhance, Grow and Upsell

How does Direct Booking Work?


Date Search

The guest browses through the booking portal to see available dates according to room options, amenities etc.


Promo Codes

After selecting the room, guest can apply promo codes and obtain special rates


Guest Details

Guest enter their booking details, including contact details.



Once the payment is processed, the guest and the hotel will receive the appropriate notifications. Since the payment will be processed through the bank's own gateway, payment can be remitted to the hotel within a matter of days

Website Builder


Hotel owners can personalize and style the website according to their brand preference

Flexible Templates

The property owners will have an array of templates

Mobile Responsive

All websites created through the platform will be mobile responsive

Conversion optimized

All websites created through the application will be optimized for conversions

Channel Manager


Connect multiple global channels such as, TripAdvisor and Agoda

Responsive Rates

The hotel can have flexible rates based on availability and competition, for better profitability

Intelligent Reporting

Intelligent reporting and real-time dashboards for better decision making

Increase conversion

Booking abandonment prevention tools to increase conversions

With Bedify, banks are able to strengthen their value proposition to independent hotels and property owners, with a mutually beneficial licensing program


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