Offers & Perks

Offers & Perks is a customer retention offering, where banks and financial services institutions are able to incentivize customers throughout the customer lifecycle, across multiple touchpoints.   We enable this through our robust merchant network, and strong integration with redemption partners

Merchant Procurement

Knightsbridge procures merchants with the best fit to the consumer’s needs at the given point in their life-cycle, and helps create compelling promotions and offers for the consumer to participate in.

e-gift card & subscription aggregation

Knightsbridge aggregates eGift Cards and subscriptions from 100+ brands directly.

End to End Loyalty Solution

With a unified Offers and Perks platform the FSO is able to provide milestone based engagement, prevent dormancy, and provide custom propositions to specific customer segments.

Customized Offers

Promotions can be customized based on various parameters

  • Card Type

  • Milestone

  • Demographics

  • Loyalty Program Engagement


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