Digital Presence

Growing businesses online

RetailBizz is a plug and play e-commerce builder that allows SMEs to have an e-commerce store up and running within a short period of time. Banks and financial services providers are able to offer this bundled with their payment services, to allow SMEs to easily create an online store, with worry-free payment facilities.


No Hidden Fees

Flexible pricing

With RetailBizz, FSOs can choose to charge their customers in any way they prefer; one-time setup fee with a charge on transactions, monthly rental or a pay-per-transaction model. This allows the FSO to create multiple product offerings using the same underlying product.

Safety First

Built in payment facilities

Unlike traditional e-commerce website builders(shopify, wordpress) which require manual and expensive payment gateway integrations, RetailBizzcomes bundled with the FSO’s own payment facility,making it extremely attractive for an SME to set up an e-commerce store.


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