MarketDock is a whitelabelled e-commerce platform that allows banks and financial services institutions to set-up their own e-commerce offering, expanding their offering to both consumers and merchants

Generate Demand

With their own e-commerce portal, FSOs are able to generate demand for their own services (e.g. Bank X offers discount for credit cards issued by the same bank).

Higher Value Proposition

With MarketDock, FSOs can easily offer to list the products of their SME and Corporate customers, creating a stronger value proposition for a business to choose a particular FSO for its day-to-day needs.

Less Reliance on third parties

Given that the e-commerce ecosystem is in its early stages in developing markets, FSOs can more easily tap into this lucrative market and be less dependent  on third parties to generate demand for credit card consumption

Leverage Credibility

With the credibility FSOs have with consumer  (compared to traditional e-commerce vendors), FSOs are able to sell premium products more easily


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