RewardzPay is Knightsbridge Technologies' flagship loyalty solution, that has gained traction with major banks and financial services organizations.

With Rewardzpay, businesses are able to operate a robust loyalty program under any one of Knightsbridge's loyalty management models

Rewardzpay is available under four distinct models

Proprietary Model

Clients transfer their loyalty points liability to Knightsbridge; Knightsbridge manages the program in principal capacity

Miles Model

Knightsbridge sets up and runs the client’s loyalty program, and manages points liability on behalf of the client

Loyalty Voucher

Consumers are able to use a finite-life voucher code to redeem points (earned in the proprietary and miles model) for rewards at the point-of-sale

Coalition Model

Knightsbridge aggregates clients  andmerchants on its loyalty platform, owns thepoints liability, and manages the program inprincipal capacity

Solution Capabilities

Points Accumulation Engine

Points Redemption Engine

CRM Marketing

Detailed Analytics

Mobile App Integration

Our success story with Sampath Bank

Knightsbridge serves Sampath Bank - One of Sri Lanka’s largest private banks - with multiple Knightsbridge products.

In addition to assisting the bank in managing its loyalty program, Knightsbridge also has bundled two of its products - Bedify and RetailBizz namely - into a customized product called “Sampath Evolve” - a Solution that allows Sampath Bank customers to easily setup an online portal for either a hotel or e-commerce venture. All of this comes bundled with the website builder and payment gateway offered by Sampath Bank.


Travel Flights & Hotels

Voucher Redemption

Shopping Malls


Payment Gateways

A Robust Merchant Network

With over 300+ partner merchants, Knightsbridge is able to activate customer engagement and acquisition activity across a number of high-spend sectors such as retail, dining, hospitality, airlines and luxury goods. FSOs are able to tap into this network to create targeted offerings and promotions that allow for a stronger customer retention and acquisition strategy

Our Merchant Network


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