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Sampath Ultra Rewards System

It’s a Loyalty system developed for Sampath Bank which provide customers with benefits based on their spending patterns. Sampath bank customers can redeem points via e-vouchers, POS systems, e- commerce platforms and many more.


Online Travel Portal

Mastering the art of creating online travel portals was one of our greatest achievements. A custom built platform crafted to the client’s business demands. The portal enables customer to book flights, hotels, holidays and visa’s. Knightsbridge Technologies (KBT) established a robust modular online travel portal, a system that facilitates flight searches & integrates multifaceted hotel bookings all over the world.

Online Market Place

An online or app space that is enriched for merchants to list their own service or product on a website for the purpose of buying or selling products online, where the administrator of the market place does not own any inventory listed. An online space created to accommodate the now redundant brick and mortar business and bring them all online.

Loyalty Business Management System

Loyalty system, which provides customers with benefits based on their spending patterns. The number one on the list being loyalty points such as credit card points, discounts for specific purchases and other premium extras. The purpose of a loyalty system is to encourage customers to do more business such as purchasing additional products & services.

Mobile Wallet

The mobile wallet is a feature developed to make transactions in stores, apps or online. The mobile wallet is essentially a bank where you can receive money from family or friends with a simple press of a button. The KBT developed mobile wallet is an elegant & simple solution for which funds can be added and immediately or on a later occasion is to be spent online or offline in an extremely safe manner.

Online Food Ordering Platform

It is an online portal which allows user to search for restaurants and browse food menus before placing an order online. The portal facilitates to list out Multi restaurants under a single platform. It allows the customers to find restaurants in their area, filter by cuisine, browse menus and place their orders with an option of online payment or cash on delivery.

Pre-paid & Gift card solutions

Weather you own a clothing boutique or a fancy restaurant, a great way to gain new customers and retain loyal customers is by selling gift cards. Knightsbridge Technologies gift Card portal is an easy way to put money into the perfect gift to your friend or family member. Gift Cards work just like any gift certificate, which can be redeemed or used for the purchase of goods online or offline.

About us

Everything and everyone is online or shifting towards an online presence. Bringing a business online can mean a lot more opportunities. That’s why we’re here: to help you and give you the best possible eCommerce solution. Our opinion to starting up an online business can be both simple, cost-efficient and fun. Knightsbridge Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Provider), a wholly owned subsidiary of Knightsbridge Holdings Pvt. Ltd, is an upcoming global player in the innovative e-commerce solutions market. It was founded in May 2015 with the aim of supplying high quality software products and services to customers worldwide. Knightsbridge Technologies portfolio of clients include the very successful and

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